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CASE Benchmark Assessments

Collaborative Assessment Solutions for Educators

In order to meet the needs of every student and ensure mastery of standards, teachers want and need timely feedback on skills mastered by every student. TE21’s CASE Benchmark Assessments are designed to gauge the academic progress of students and to provide timely feedback that can be used by teachers to guide instruction. These benchmark assessments can be administered as nine-week assessments, mid-year assessments, or final comprehensive tests prior to administration of the state test, and valuable data is available within a 72-hour time frame. The benchmark assessments, which are aligned to College- and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core State Standards (CCSS), provide valuable data regarding all students’ knowledge of the standards.

Questions Align to State Standards
Teachers who administer TE21’s CASE Benchmark Assessments like that our benchmark questions are formatted and designed to mirror best practices for assessing standards and that CASE reports provide diagnostic data to target instruction.

CASE Benchmark Assessments for grades kindergarten through high school are available for English Language Arts and Mathematics. CASE Benchmark Assessments provides pre-made or custom benchmarks based on a district’s or school’s needs. Other features include:

The majority of questions measure higher order thinking.
Questions are tightly aligned with state standards (College- and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core Standards).
Content vocabulary is appropriate for the subject/level.

TE21 now delivers CASE Benchmark Assessments online and CASE Item Bank through the enCASE platform, as well as, a variety of other platforms, providing educators with even more solutions to measure student progress and facilitate learning. In an effort to deliver the most effective testing experiences, we will collaborate with districts and schools to determine the best platforms to meet their specific needs and system requirements.

CASE Local Level District Assessments:

  1. Language Arts: Kindergarten - 11
  2. Math: 2 - 9
  3. Science: 3 - 8