Tennessee Rural Principals Network Program

Tennessee Rural Principals Network Program
Posted on 09/29/2022
Tennessee Rural Principals Network Program PicHorace Maynard Middle School Principal Dr. Tobi Kilgore and Union County Elementary Middle Alternative Center Principal Laura Jones are participants in the Tennessee Rural Principals Network.

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) established the Tennessee Rural Principals Network in 2018 to provide development opportunities to school leaders in rural communities around the state.

Tennessee features more than 900 schools located in rural communities. The Network aims to address the unique needs of rural schools and the challenges rural leaders often face in accessing high-quality professional learning.  

Participants will grow and improve the skills needed to:  

Strengthen and enhance instructional leadership abilities  

Enrich effective systems and coaching practices that promote strong unit and lesson plan preparation 

Provide networking opportunities through team and relationship building amongst leaders across rural districts 

Examine current structures and practices that promote sustainability of student growth and staff development 

Priority for program participation is given to principals from small, sparse districts who are committed to enhancing their day-to-day practices to improve student outcomes and teacher development.   

Professional learning will happen through the following mechanisms:  

In-person Sessions: Three in-person, whole group, learning sessions;

In-person/Online Coaching Sessions: Coaching experiences are designed to be an interaction between the coach and the school leader;  

Observational Rounds: Small group instructional rounds within colleague schools.